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Bender athletic club. Athletic club. Personal training. Online personal training. Strength training. Fitness. Atheltics.

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Bender athletic club. Athletic club. Personal training. Online personal training. Strength training. Fitness. Atheltics.



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Choose between our online personal training or sports performance programs. 


Take Neurotransmitter Test


Schedule Consultation

Take an online assessment to find your Neurotransmitter dominance and deficiencies. This will allow Coach Bender to personalize your program according to your personality and biology. This, along with your program, will be reviewed during your 1 on 1 consultation. 


Receive Program

Receive your personalized training program and nutrition guide to begin training. You will also receive step-by-step instructions on your energy and nutrient requirements.

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Advanced Training Methods 

Using the latest in science and industry secrets, your program will expose you to challenging and results-driven exercises. You will no longer have to wonder if what your doing works, or think of things to do at the gym. Everything is based on your goals, and the best methods to achieve them.

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Aligned Nutrition

Let's be real. Eating shouldn't be stressful, it should be mindful. Find ways for food to work for you and support your goals and lifestyle. You will receive a step by step guide of how to track what you eat, and adjust it for your training and body goals.

Adapted Individually 

Every athlete is different. You should train to maximize your individual needs. Therefore, your workouts will be based on your experience, goals, and biochemistry. Receive a specialized supplementation strategy to further enhance your experience. 

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“Coach Bender is one of the most educated and experienced trainers that I have the pleasure of knowing. His reputation for improving performance and resume speak for themselves. No matter the sport, goal, or obstacle, he will help identify the missing pieces in your fitness journey. Coach Bender is the trainer for you!"
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Brandon Gonzalez

Strength Coach and Fitness Instructor

Barry's Bootcamp

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Athletics. Personal training. Weight lifting. Athletic performance. Online personal training. Bender Athletic Club.
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