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Bender athletic club. Personal training. Personal trainer. Online personal training. Weightlifting. Athletic performance. Transofrmation.


Personalized program.

A tailored program focused on your goals, preferences, and individuality.

Industry expertise.

Be trained by Coach Bender, just like other elite college and professional athletes.

Train from anywhere.

Less thinking when you get to the gym. If you have a gym, we'll provide the program.


Train on your schedule. Bender Athletic Club will be your personal Coach throughout your athletic journey.



Monthly Training Program

Receive a new program each month. Programs include warm-up, resistance training, cardio, core, and mobility. All training programs are individualized and periodized based on training goals, training age, and neurotransmitter dominance.

Nutritional Guidance

Learn from Coach Bender how to manage your nutrition by finding your Energy Balance. Calculate how many calories you need to attain your goals. Track carbs, fats, and protein each month to get you there. 

Supplementation Strategy

Identify nutritional deficiencies and support your lifestyle with advanced supplementation. In conjunction with nutrition goals, optimize training by supplementing smart. Stop guessing as to what you need, and ensure you take the highest quality supplements on the market.

Steps to Take


Choose a Service

Choose between our online personal training or sports performance programs. 


Take Neurotransmitter Test


Schedule Consultation

Take an online assessment to find your Neurotransmitter dominance and deficiencies. This will allow Coach Bender to personalize your program according to your personality and biology. This, along with your program, will be reviewed during your 1 on 1 consultation. 


Receive Program

Receive your personalized training program and nutrition guide to begin training. You will also receive step-by-step instructions on your energy and nutrient requirements.


Use the same methods practiced by the pros. Not all sets, reps, and exercises are created equally. Adhere to advanced strength principles such as general adaptation syndrome, progressive overload, and periodization. Train not only muscles, but the neuromuscular system.


In order to achieve the fastest results possible, one must have their nutritional goals match their physical goals. First, learn how to eat for your goal. Then, learn how to manipulate macronutrients to not only be fueled, but also satiated. Both what you eat and how much you eat matter.


The best training program is the one you consistently adhere to. By taking into account both your personality and biology, your training will be highly personalized. Training should be challenging, yet enjoyable, and staying motivated can be made easier by understanding your brain chemistry.

Bender athletic club. Athletic club. Online personal training. Personal trainer. Weightlifting. Athletic performance. Transformation.


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  • Why hire an online personal trainer?
    Online personal trainers can save you time and help you achieve fitness goals much faster than by yourself. Not only will they help guide programs, they can also serve by holding you accountable and keeping you consistent. Online training is much cheaper than in-person services, and allows the freedom of time and location commitments.
  • Who will benefit from Bender Athletic Club?
    The services in Bender Athletic Club are designed for those who have some familiarity with resistance training. That being said, if you are completely novice to weightlifting, Coach Bender can alter programs to fit your needs. Anyone who is trying to improve their overall fitness can benefit from working with Bender Athletic Club.
  • What equipment will I need?
    It is suggested that you have access or attend a gym that has both free weights and machines. Programs will be written that include the use of barbells, dumbbells, resistance machines, and cardiovascular machines. Programs can be adapted and adjusted if missing one of these elements, but a full-service gym is ideal for programs in the Bender Athletic Club.
  • What if I have questions about my program?
    We expect questions to arise, and want you to have feel supported in your fitness journey. You can use either the chat feature on the website, or email Bender Athletic Club directly on the website to get questions answered. For immediate or time-sensitive matters, please contact Coach Bender directly.
  • How do I access my program?
    All programs will be delivered in PDF form directly to the email address you provided. Additional documents and monthly newsletters will also be delivered electronically to your email.
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